Tom Cat is a Pinstriper and Sign Artist in Redding, Reno, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Hollywood, California

Tom Cat shines lines from So Cal to Nor Cal and Beyond! - After 30 years of practicing and perfecting his talent, Tom Cat as he is known, has landed himself in Nor-Cal, but his art is nation, and even world wide. Tom Cat's work has been on the cover's and in many  articles over the past few years. "It's great seeing my art out there on my customers rides driving down the road, at shows, and even in the mags!" Tom Cat says he's been humbled in life, over coming an MX injury, but  now after suffering a massive stroke, Tom Cat is back in his Recovery Tour. He said he's blessed with all those whom reached out and continue to support him on his journey in the world of car-art!

The art of auto-graphics has grown over the past decade, yet most are calling for the lines of yesterday, and a vision of tomorrow. "They ask if I can do it, and no doubt, I say, yes, I can!" He never doubts his own ability, and that is the main perfection to his talent.

Starting out in the Southern California area, it was Hollywood calling for Tom Cat's work both on and of the stage, was in high demand. "A band would have me design a logo, and next thing you know, I am flaming up a, Cadillac with the bands logo on the hood," Tom Cat continued, "the singer's would have me painting their leather jackets for stage wear, the drummers would have me painting bass heads and flaming up the kits, and it was then I knew there was no stopping me, and I found myself painting just about anything someone would place in-front of me." 

We recently asked, Tom Cat what was one crazy item he had painted, and he laughed and stated, "A long-time friend, just this past, December had me paint a toilet seat for him, and I have to say it's was unique, and turned out bitchen!" So from Toilet Seats to Hot Rods, Tom Cat's Art Studio shows the shines and lines of a true, Imaginationologist




Sign Art, Truck Lettering, Pin striping, Studio Services.

Service Area:

Hollywood, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno

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